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The Cave

Director: Bruce Hunt
Starring: Cole Hauser, Daniel Dae Kim, Lena Headey...
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1 Tom Hanks

by Tom Working

First off, NO, it has NOTHING to do with Plato's "Allegory of The Cave", as I initially thought. Instead, it's a serviceable Cole Hauser vehicle. You know, Cole Houser, that guy that plays the bounty hunter in Pitch Black.

Finally, scuba diving spelunker entomologists can breathe a collective sigh of relief: they have their own Alien knockoff. This is "Alien, only it's like, way underground. Waaay underground". Honestly, it's not unique or even clever in its spin on the whole "toothy monster in the dark comin' get you, only after it has devoured all your buddies and almost shredded your love interest" thing, but it's not Uwe Boll kind of bad. It is a competent movie with an ending suggesting an even more interesting premise for a sequel.

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