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Hellraiser VIII: HellWorld

Director: Rick Bota
Starring: Lance Henriksen, Doug Bradley, Katheryn Winnick...
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1 Walker, Texas Ranger

by Tom Working

I wasted too many words on Hellraiser: Deader to spend much time on this one. But here it goes: it seems to me that much like Rick Berman of Star Trek franchise infamy, Rick Bota/Dimension Film Execs in control of the franchise HATE the initial concepts layed out in the otherwise rich Hellraiser universe and want desperately to forge their own spin on it. They succeed only in making something that doesn't even ECHO the original but rather insults everyone who enjoyed what made Clive Barker's vision of damnation so horrifying and compelling. It's a shame that the likes of Lance Henrikson and Kari Wurher lent themselves to these... THINGS. One last thing. Rick Bota's directing isn't even BAD. In fact, in the film prior to Hellraiser: Hellworld, the movement of the film was evenly paced. The stories. The stories stink on ice.

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