Horrton Hears a Heart

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rue, I've been shaken - and true, I've been bad.
But how can you say that this elephant's mad?
This Loopidy sickness has sharpened my brain!
My ears are quite large, and I hear things quite plain.
So before you pass judgment, please let me explain...

Horrton Hears A Heart
Horrton Hears A Heart

hat creature named Sam was peddling his ham
And those green-colored eggs... I told him to scram!
He pleaded with me just to sample that junk.
Each time I'd refuse him and turn up my trunk!

is manner was pleasant; his tone, quite humane,
But something about him did things to my brain.
It wasn't his eggs that made my temper fly,
Not the plate, not the spam - I think it was his Eye!

Horrton Hears A Heart
Horrton Hears A Heart

is sinister orb was most eerily green,
Like his grass-colored eggs; O how vile, how obscene!
That stare seemed to make my flesh crawl and blood chill
And I knew right away - it is Sam I must kill!  

ne day I told Sam that I'd sample his pork.
He gleefully held out a bit on a fork
and I ripped the utensil from him with my trunk!
I poked out the Eye of that ham-sucking punk!
I jumped toward him with my whole two tons intent
on quashing Sam's life - one hundred per cent!

Horrton Hears A Heart
Horrton Hears A Heart

buried him under the theedlewog bush
And jumped in a pool to rinse blood off my tush.
How smart I was, Sam! How sane was my plan!
So sure I'd be implicated by no man! -
It was then I stopped splashing. I heard a queer sound...
A faint tumpata-tump - but there's no one around!

hen I heard it again. But - who was it? Where?
... From the theedlewog bush? No! It can't be from there!

Well, it's not from the theedle that I hear this thumping
It must be Sam's compacted heart - it's still pumping!
My ears are quite large, and I do hear this sound

and I feel his cold stare through all six feet of ground.

he thump grew and grew like a clockwork in Hell
'til a glum kangaroo could have heard it as well...
and all of the beasts of the jungle, I'm sure,
could hear the percussion I scarce could endure!

till louder, and louder! "You villain!," I cried,
as I leapt from my pond and I tossed the bush high!
I frantically dug where the 'wog used to bud -
And Sam sprang right at me, all covered in blood.

Horrton Hears A Heart

e smiled as he spoke, with the fork in his eye,
"Hey, if you do not like them, just say so, big guy.
Are you sure you will not give my green eggs a try?"

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