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FAL Privacy Policy

slightly expanded on 27 Jan 2008
(for clarity - no covenants in the original 12 February MMII version have been removed)



FAL will not sell, trade, share, distribute or disseminate any information about you. Ever.

  • We have never sold or purchased information about any web surfer.
  • We don't store any information about our visitors, clients or customers on a 'net-attached server.
  • The only personal information of yours we have is whatever you've sent to us. This would usually be limited to your e-mail address - if you chose to provide it - or payment and shipping details for your orders of merchandise or services... plus what's in our run-of-the-mill server logs (which, frankly, we barely look at except to see how the aggregate page statistics are doing).
  • We do not log referring sites, so we don't know what site you were visiting right before you came to us.
  • Having said that, where advertisers and tenants are concerned, we do our best to align ourselves with persons of integrity. If you are concerned about their conduct on FAL.net, please let us know.
  • We have no third-party vendors. No other company, organization or person will get our permission to see our logs or contact lists. No one has been authorized to use "FAL.net" in order to market anything other than items appearing on this website or on www.cinemainsomnia.com.
  • We have not sent e-mail to anyone who has not explicitly requested it or agreed to receive it - but someday we may try a one-time mailing, or two... sent only to people who have e-mailed or contacted us. (We get enough spam, ourselves.) We won't send pleas for you to buy stuff or self-congratulatory notes about minor events. The kind of use we're thinking of is the announcement of some big, new website feature, so we can invite you to come and play... And if that's not agreeable, let us know and we will not e-mail you again.) We believe in "double opt-in" authorization whenever possible, so you will be required to confirm your interest in receiving any recurring messages from us.
  • We will never falsify our e-mail headers or addresses.
  • If you tell us you want to remain anonymous, we will zealously respect your wishes. We will never attribute your written or artistic contribution to you unless we have explicit permission first.
  • We will never reproduce your e-mailed words or artwork in another medium (such as a printed book) with identifying information attached unless we have explicit permission beforehand. Otherwise, if you respond to one of our creative works, we just might be inclined to post or reprint your response. After all, FAL.net is visited by some of the wittiest people on Earth.
        But of course, you already knew that.
  • Questions? Suggestions? Concerns? Complaints?

    info _at_ fal _dot_ net


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