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How Delightfully Dated

Against my worse judgment (!?), please allow me to present our Plot Generator for American "situation comedies." It's from early 2000. We were all so much more bushy-tailed then, weren't we?
For today's link recommendation I'll tout the News of the Weird Blog. See stories that didn't make it into the syndicated column. Yay.

posted by Grill on March 18, 2008

You Need A Little More Miguel Ferrer In Your Diet

posted by Working on February 20, 2008

The Past Comes a-Callin'

Recently added, for your excessively critical review - more vintage ads, and old comechs that might be worth another look.

There's all kinds of witty snark at Ship of Fools, including The Laugh Judgment project...

posted by Grill on February 4, 2008

(Hip Hip Hooray)*3

Is that geek enuff?

The cheer is aimed at the distinguished Mr. Working, who has spruced the place up so rightly. Reluctant creators of retina-stimulation and word clumps kindly take note - your participation is welcomed and anticipated.
(The motto in the masthead should read '1995', though. April.)

Now I'd like to plug a cartoonist with whom I'm quite solidly and recently smitten: Ape Lad. Hoo baby.

Saw "Cloverfield" on Sunday, but I'm probably not the one to gush about it. Clearly I'm not in the demographic to which it is aimed. The faux amateur camera-work gave me a headache... but worse, I worry that hordes of indifferent Youtubers will feel vindicated. "Slapdash" is not a virtue, campers. The film had some fine SFX but it seemed clear to me that it's built for DVD - that is, full appreciation of all of the cleverness will require heavy use of the pause and frame-advance buttons. Couldn't really whip up much empathy for the characters either, but that's been my complaint about just about everything new on TV this past year also so it's probably time to "consider the source." The clichéd character development seemed to drag on and on - it's a monster movie forcryinoutloud, get on with it! I dunno... the lack of exposition about the monster's origins made it feel more like a TV show to me than a movie. And it only ran 84 minutes. But hey, if you secretly get into seeing NYC get smooshed, "Cloverfield" will not disappoint.

posted by Grill on January 21, 2008

All-Sketch Fest Is Almost Upon Us

I know it's about a month away, but I wanted to plug the upcoming All-Sketch Comedy Festival. I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy and Trash Film Orgy co-founder Keith Lowell Jensen has been busy with yet another one of his hair-brained schemes: Get the best sketch comedy troupes on the West Coast together for three sketchtastic days.

posted by Working on January 14, 2008

Bad Weather = Staying Inside And Getting Crap Done

Northern California has finally been given its turn for crazed weather. Downtown Sacramento was hit by a storm Friday and generally soggy conditions throughout the weekend. Why bring this up, you ask? Well, it gave me a chance to add some more to the archive as well as the main page here.

I've seen a number of movies recently, including AVP:R. Hopefully reviews will be coming soon.

posted by Working on January 7, 2008


Still fine-tuning what we've already got, in the Cold Storage Archiving section. You'll note new options in the lefthand side menu. Don't worry -- they don't exactly work right yet. Yet. By next week, I'm hoping most of the re-archiving will be done.

posted by Working on January 5, 2008

FALnet On Ice

Many previously unavailable movie reviews can now be found in the Cold Storage section.

posted by Working on January 2, 2008

Ringing In The New Year

Senior FALnet webmaster Chris Grill has done admirably in FAL's online digital housekeeping, as FAL itself has been getting its house in order. A major shift in intention and priority has taken place behind the scenes here, and it looked pretty grim there for a while. But we're no worse for the wear and back, with new and retrofitted content. Bear with us in the coming New Year as we get this goofy ball rolling.

posted by Working on January 1, 2008

At The Movies With FALnet

The Pauly Shore Is Dead Premiere

Director: Pauly Shore
Starring: Pauly Shore, Ashley L. Anderson, Todd Bridges...
IMDB link

by Tom Working

Let me make this perfectly clear: I haven't ever cared about Pauly Shore's career, connections who he knows or who he blows. I tolerated him back in the early 90's but that's not saying much - MTV and "established" hip youth culture was on my periphery; I'd come up to speed when I could. Still, I admit to knowing who "Downtown Julie Brown" (of "Wubba Wubba" fame)was at the height of her popularity and even the later Famine Circus that was the rail thin Jesse. Yes, I was not aggressive in certain facets of my pop culture diet but it all got consumed eventually, and much of it spit back out in my comicstrips of the time.

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Alien Versus Predator

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Starring: Sanaa Lathan, Raoul Bova, Lance Henriksen...
IMDB link

by Tom Working

AVP Sounds Like Something Akin To SARS

... But it isn't. It's the new Paul W.S. Anderson flick featuring two extraterrestrial species that probably didn't get any representation at that big-ass galactic Senate assembly scene in Phantom Menace. Dark Horse Comics was the first to draw the Predators and Aliens together in a apparently workable crossover universe -- the respective mythologies of the two really didn't conflict.

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